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Kismayo Killings: Kismayo, Somalia Attacks

I am writing this note in a terrible and broken-heart myself, my soul and that of the entire Somalis badly devastated by the loss and the killing of the innocent Somalis in Kismayo, Somalia.
We mourn the death of many Somalis killed in Kismayo Extremist Hotel Bombing including the prominent journalist Hodan Naleyeh.
May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdowz…Ameen. May their souls remain a constant stamina to all of us, and May Allah Bless Somalia and keep its people safe
Hodan Naleyeh lived in Canada to seek a future in the shores of foreign country but her unyielding faith to the socio-economic development of our people and a country of her birth of Somalia, is remarkable.
It surpasses the power of bullets and bombs that took her life. Her courageous, leadership to unite us, caring and compassionate lived life should inspire us to seek to build a better nation and a positive future for our people, for we shall remember her abiding faith in our torn, devastated but hopeful and resilient nation.
Our country is at war with itself, and in the process it steals from the bank of knowledge by killing people who constitute a significant part of our think tank, as a nation.
The killing of Hodan Naleyeh, her husband and all others killed in Kismaayo reminds us of the fragility of our state and of our future; her death shames us, in that it tells the world that we are not ready to lead ourselves.
I stand here far from the land of my birth because I believe in the future of Somalia, and not the Somalia that steals from itself and kills its children like it does at present, notwithstanding what the world say.
We know today my country men and women that when, in the life of a nation, the time comes for an idea, nothing, not even murder can kill the idea Hodan Naleyeh lived for which remains noble as she always thought of bettering the lives of our people and our country.
May Allah Grant Hodan Nalayeh and All Other Marhuumeen, Janatul Firdowza…Ameen
Saeed Furaa
A banker cum a social entrepreneur
E-mail: hasefsa@gmail.com