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The Eelafweyn War Can Only Be stopped When Those Who Always Break And Breach The Cease Fire Are Punished.

If you want to know why the war between the two sister clans in CeelAfweyn District and its surroundings is recurring ask the question: “Cui prodest”– Who benefits? That is the first step to understand why the war is not going to stop.
There are people who always benefit more from the existing system, and as long as they are in power nothing will change.The  hollowness of any poor system is finally revealed in the time when the result of a governance to meet its obligations remains elusive and illusory.
All wars are inventive and all inventions are tradeoffs. In most cases, in Somaliland, as most people believe, tribal wars are initiated by Kulmiye governments, and not by tribes. The very war that   happened this week between two tribes in Eelafweyn is just the result of Kulmiye’s desire to increase its influence and power.
As the modern time is conductive to a change-making movement, what turns now totally into a certain fiasco is the current administration’s inability to do anything about peace sustainability, and deal with the tribes that have militias equipped with a considerable number of rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and machine guns mounted on four-wheel-drive pick-ups in the country. How come could armored vehicles and heavy artillery weapons be  in the custody of a clan in the country?
To protect people from one another is the main reason of why societies need  governments. Why this responsibility was ignored when one heavily armed militias attacked on other armless militias in Eelafweyn? Where was the government apparatus and what happened to the minister of interior and what was he doing at that time?
What puzzles all sensible people is the government’s immediate attack on Caare’s rebelling forces instead of hunting down the perpetrators of the horrific war crimes, punishing them and bringing them to the book. Leaving the instigators of the war aside and attacking rebellions who were far away from where the war happened evidently proves that our government plainly sides with the faction that began the attack.
It is easier to end a war between tribes than calm the consequences of its insurrection. Revenge and retaliation are hard to suppress when there is no tough culture that could prevent evil acts that provoke armed conflicts with might and main.
Whatever the eventual price, it is obvious that the order in Ceelafweyn is no longer sustainable.
The initiator of the ongoing warfare in Eelafweyn still realises that he gains more from the warfare continuation. This is where the battle-line between the two tribes always gets started.
Here the aggression mostly  flows from one side. The facilitators are very familiar even with Somaliland population, and yet no one is going to deal with them.
According to some political analysts, the unexpected attack and aggression by one tribe against another tribe in Ceelafweyn was a preplanned conspiracy to undermine the would-be conference set to be held in Burco on 20 July 2019 between the two tribes, Habar Yoonis and Habar Jeclo, as many people believe.
The agenda behind this war is political and it is simply to reanimate enmity so that the two tribes, Habar Yoonis and Habar Jeclo, should not politically unite in the interests of their own religion forever, nor more no less.
Waging war against Caare and his rebelling forces is not a solution to Eelafweyn problem. It will just escalate a full scale war within the country. Best solution is punish those who always break and breach the cease fire. Doing anything else is like beating around the bush.
By: Jama Falaag.
        Hargeisa, Somaliland