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Memo To International community : Erigavo City Is Burning Where Is The Birmingham City?!

To whom it may concern

Civilian casualties and displacement is expected to increase due to the continued use of heavy artillery in urban areas of Erigavo city .The two Ex- Warlords Colonel  Muse Bihi Abdi and Colonel Mohamed Kahin Ahmed with their stooge commandant Nuh Pasto are shelling every moving or fixed target in Erigavo city also El-Afweyn city is under attack. Erigavo is burinig Badhan city will be next the warlords are after Gold reserves in the area according to our sources.

Low evacuation rates from Erigavo have been attributed to ongoing clashes, reports of the indiscriminate use of weapons by Commander Nuh Pasto’s Millitias, and reports of deliberate targeting of ambulance vehicles. Doctors and ambulance drivers are reportedly pulling out of the rescue operations, citing the unsustainable risk they are being exposed to, the eyewitness says.

When these weapons are used in populated areas it is often civilians who are most severely affected. Small arms fire bullets at a point, but explosive weapons affect wide areas. They kill,injure and damage anyone or anything within that area . As such it is near-impossible, when using explosive weapons in a populated area, to restrict the deadly impact of an explosive shell or bomb to just one person or to a targeted group. The use of explosive weapons in populated areas, therefore, raises special concern when it comes to debating the protection of civilians….Therefore international community should debate protection of civilians in the eastern of Somaliland where Somaliland Government is targeting certain tribes.

It warned that humanitarians have noted with growing concern the occurrence of fighting repeatedly – particularly the use of heavy artillery – impacting civilian objects. The humanitarian community continues to call on Commander Nuh Pasto and Governor Timbro to uphold their obligations under international law to refrain from targeting educational and health facilities and personnel as well as civilian infrastructure.

N.B. Yesterday Birmingham city council declared their recognition of Somaliland, Is the Birmingham city seceded from United Kingdom? We wander. Please Birmingham city council and Heego stop lying to poor Somaliland people because Bristol city council was lying to them for the past 5 years almost each year calling the recognition of Somaliland…..The international community should intervene this dangerous circus.


Your’s truly

The humanitarian community in Somaliland