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Ballot Fraud Somaliland Election …. Please Heego Don’t Revisit Those days

This is exactly what happen …………………..

Whoever stuffed the ballot boxes in the Kulmiye Party  strongholds of Gabiley region , , parts of Maroodijeeh region and some parts of Sahil region  this week did a good job–too good perhaps.

There were sealed ballot boxes in which there were 5,000-odd votes, and all the ballots were neatly stacked up inside . It’s physically impossible if people are voting one by one.

 International community observers found “widespread indications” of voters casting ballots under the legal age of 16 , elders were misled  and scores of full ballot boxes coming from polling stations that didn’t officially exist, Kulmiye party and Independent Electoral Commission are now officially one body which is Trying to kill Somaliland democracy system .

Growing evidence of other polling abuses, compounded by fake voting papers , social media black out ,computer sabotage, communications snafus and mind-boggling confusion, has begun to tarnish the golden glow of Somaliland’s presidential election. Six days after the counting began, there are still no certified results to back Kulmiye party leader Muse Bihi Abdi’s claim of victory  as the nation’s president .

Counting and reporting of returns–which stopped after 32 hours Tuesday and Wednesday- when it was obvious Waddani party won according information obtained from Kulmiye party insiders , anonymous source , told the reporters  that someone had “tampered” with the computer program used to tabulate the vote totals, causing what he called a “trivial difference” in tallies . The discovered discrepancies that didn’t make sense and couldn’t be explained .

We urge international community to save Somaliland democracy through demanding from Kulmiye party because  Independent Electoral Commission is simply from Kulmiye party to respect the will of the people and stop rigging the election results .

International community also must send experts in voter fraud cases to arbiter this feud . They also should demand manual counting with verification , Extraordinary measures should been taken to ensure the integrity of the results from the manual system are as trustworthy as human precautions can make them .

There is evidence of  coordinated  wide-scale fraud in Somaliland elections we hope international community will do  counting and certify the results because we don’t believe anymore Independent Electoral Commission . That  Voter fraud wasn’t less then  what happened in KENYA in the same period .

Long live international Solidarity

Secretariat of the Central Committee 

Somaliland Communist Party