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Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi You Lie ….. Trafigura isn’t a Swiss company….

Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi Lies .You know the lies we mean. Not the lies of self-service, flattery, or malice. Those lies are frequent and reprehensible, but they at least have a certain logic: We can understand why Colonel Bihi would lie to advance a policy aim, to undermine a political enemy or bolster a friend, to enhance his S.N.M records, or to protect himself from Garhajis Warriors. We can grasp the rationale of those lies while opposing their use.

But then there are the other lies. The unutterably dumb lies. The pointless, easily disprovable lies that serve no obvious purpose. Like Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi’s long and continuing obsession with terrorism and calling martial law in the eastern regions of Somaliland, which he consistently falsifies despite evidence  shown by international community that there is no terrorism in Somaliland . The other lie this week’s whopper, in which Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi claimed Trafigura  is a Swiss company….

According to our sources Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi regime made a deal that Trafigura can dump their waste products in a refinery that will be constructed in Berbera area the deal is about $ 500.000.000 five hundred million .. As usual Heego group will put that money in their bank accounts and kill the environment by dumping chemical waste products on land or in water.

“ On 19 August 2006 the ship Probo Koala unloaded a waste shipment at Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).  This waste was disposed of at open air sites around Abidjan.  The ship was chartered by the London office of Trafigura, a Dutch international petroleum trader.  The Probo Koala had attempted to discharge this waste at the port of Amsterdam, but the port service would not accept the waste without an additional handling charge because of the waste’s alleged toxicity.  The ship left the port of Amsterdam without discharging its waste.  After the waste from the ship was discharged in Abidjan, people living near the discharge sites began to suffer from a range of illnesses (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, breathlessness, headaches, skin damage, and swollen stomachs).  Sixteen people have died, allegedly from exposure to this waste, and more than 100,000 have sought medical attention.

Trafigura sent two of its executives to Abidjan in August 2006 to investigate what happened.  These executives and a representative from a Trafigura subsidiary, Puma Energy, were arrested by Ivorian authorities and imprisoned.  On 12 February 2007 the Government of Côte d’Ivoire signed a settlement agreement with Trafigura in which the company agreed to pay $198 million to the Ivorian government for a compensation fund, the construction of a waste treatment plant and to assist in the recovery operations.  However, the company stressed this payment was not “damages” and that it did not admit liability.  Côte d’Ivoire agreed to drop any prosecutions or claims, now or in the future, against Trafigura.  After this settlement agreement was made, the Trafigura executives and the Puma Energy representative were released from prison.

·         Here you can see Netherlands who has reputation to defend in human rights and environment prosecutedTrafigura in the Netherlands.

Claims in the Netherlands

In February 2008, Dutch prosecutors served notice that they intend to file criminal charges against Trafigura, among others, for its alleged part in the disposal of waste in Côte d’Ivoire.  In June 2008 an Amsterdam court began hearing evidence in this case.  The Dutch trial started in June 2010.

The Dutch prosecutors accused Trafigura of illegally exporting hazardous waste to Côte d’Ivoire.  The allegations against the company are that it breached Dutch export and environmental laws as well as forging official documents.  Trafigura rejected these charges.  In July 2010 the Dutch court ruled that the company had concealed the dangerous nature of the waste aboard the Probo Koala and fined the company €1 million.  The Dutch court also convicted a Trafigura employee and the Ukrainian captain of the Probo Koala for their roles in the matter.

In the meantime, Greenpeace filed a complaint with the Court of Appeal in The Hague trying to compel the public prosecutor to prosecute the company for more than just the export of hazardous waste.  In April 2011, the appeal court ruled that the public prosecution department is not required to prosecute Trafigura for the dumping of the waste in Côte d’Ivoire.

When the regional court in Amsterdam decided in 2008 not to prosecute Trafigura’s co-founder and director Claude Dauphin, the prosecutors appealed the court’s decision.  They were turned down and later lodged another appeal before the Supreme Court, which sent the case back to the appeals court in Amsterdam to review the original decision.  In January 2012, the court decided that Claude Dauphin can be prosecuted for the alleged illegal export of waste by Trafigura.  In November 2012 the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office and Trafigura reached an out-of-court settlement.  Trafigura agreed to pay €300,000 compensation and paid a €67,000 fine in return for the withdrawal of the case against Claude Dauphin.” ~ source : “Business and human rights- resource centre  ~ ”



Ahmed Jigga