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The Weak FGS Severs Diplomatic Ties With Guinea Over Somaliland

The weak federal government in Mogadishu has decided to sever diplomatic ties with the Republic of Guinea as a direct result of the visit to that country by the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, at the invitation of  Conakry.
President Muse Bihi Abdi and his delegation arrived in Guinea on a two day visit, and the federal entity in Mogadishu, upset at the invitation and the welcome afforded the Somaliland delegation began an offensive to counter the visit.
It has been reported that the FGS “ambassador”  to the EU was dispatched to West Africa to try and forestall any further visits in the region by the Somaliland delegation. This has yet to produce any results.
Furthermore, the severing of diplomatic ties with the Republic of Guinea over an issue that is entirely in the prerogative of Conakry, makes the politicians in Mogadishu  look petulant and immature.
The threat by Mogadishu to any nations engaging Somaliland with the severing of diplomatic ties seems hollow, since most countries in the world deal with Somaliland as a de-facto state, and the “unity and sovereignty of the territory of Somalia” issue has to all intent and purpose become defunct after the failure of the union in 1991.  
The FGS in Mogadishu has as much authority over Somaliland, as we on earth have over the other planets in the solar system!
If the weak FGS in Mogadishu wants to be taken serious, then they must engage the original partner of the 1960 union which helped to create the defunct Somali Republic, and that is Somaliland. 
Ali Mohamed Abokor