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On behalf of the Somaliland Communist Party and its secretariat of the central committee, We condemn in strongest terms Heego group paying good Somaliland taxpayers money to bad foreign journalists in order to create fake news in English . The truth is Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi didn’t go to Guinea Conakry to seek recognition for Somaliland but to make contact with mining Mafia active in Guinea Conakry … The only goal of Heego in Somaliland is to make money  but this time they will create a good civil war if they put a mining Mafia to the equation .  We ask Heego to take this solemn occasion moments of critical reflective thinking .From Your analyses, as you are individuals who never had government jobs and you were in learning process in your jobs , Heego  has to identify the following outcomes of critical moments reflection:

·         At a minimum, the process generates basic awareness of the tacit learning that has taken place for people in doing their work.

·         The reflection process usually extends and deepens the learning from experience.

·         People sharpen and clarify their questions about the work, or find new questions.

·         When done in a group, the process leads to developing connections across individual experiences of learning through the work and integrating the meanings from different perspectives on those experiences.

·         People develop more complex understandings of what happened, why it happened, and what it led to…… Dear Heego group and their Leader Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi you should ask yourself loudly can One Clan called Subeer Awal form a nation in Somaliland?! Knowing very well that Isaac Clan who is much bigger Clan also includes Subeer Awal couldn’t form a nation 28 years period ……The noble Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, informs us that the believer should not be struck from the same place twice. So, a believer has to be sensible, cautious, and alert; otherwise, he will get easily deceived.

At the same time, We congratulate the people of our nation from non Isaacs such as Gabooye / Harti / Samaroon Said / Fiqi Shini and Issa  who showed high degree of resilience by staring at 28 years of injustice, civil wars, Heego stealing their money from international donors and their tax money, humiliation that every dog in Hargeisa  or at social media can denounce their  Somaliland citizenship suffering all that time  an eruption of anger , overwhelmed by negative emotions, going numb, becoming unable to react and becoming upset about the disruptive change and then coping……..  We admire your art and thought of surviving that continue to inspire us every day. We see you as the real Somalilanders and Somaliland Communist Party will offer you political meditation in the near future as we support wholeheartedly THE POLITICAL MEDITATION OFFERED BY  HIS EXCELLENCE  DEPUTY PRIME MINSTER PROFESSOR ALI KHALIF GALAYR AND HIS EXCELLENCE PROFESSOR AHMED ISMAIL SAMATAR. WE THE PEOPLE OF SOMALILAND, WE SHALL OVERCOME…..OR INVENT SOMETHING ELSE



Long live international Solidarity

Secretariat of the Central Committee 

Somaliland Communist Party