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Together Against Trump Join The Red Block

Donald Trump is coming to London on a state visit from 3-5 June. Trump is the most divisive, , aggressive and xenophobic US president in memory. He supports far right organisations around the world, denies climate change and is pursuing a more and more confrontational and dangerous foreign policy.

For all these reasons the red block is working with Together Against Trump to mobilise for the biggest possible protests against the visit. Together Against trump has called a national protest on Tuesday 4 June from 11:00 assembling in Trafalgar Square. There will be music and a rally in the Square starting around midday and will then march to wherever Trump is at the time.

Trump’s itinerary has not been finalised and we will have to be flexible but there will also be other protests from the day Trump arrives – 3 June – through to events over the three days

Spread the message far and wide, share and invite people to the Facebook event page for the 4 June protest. To keep updated with plans please visit the Together Against Trump Facebook page or the Together Against Trump website.

Long live international Solidarity

Secretariat of the Central Committee 

Somaliland Communist Party