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Condolences over the tragic passing away of Honorable Abdi Hussein Yusuf

The Somaliland Representative office in Brussels, Belgium and the Somaliland communities
in Belgium, in the Netherlands and Luxembourg ( the BeNeLux countries ) convey condolences
 first, to the family and relatives of the late Honorable Haji Abdi Hussein Yusuf ( Haji Abdi Warabe ) who passed away yesterday in Hargeisa. May God give them patience over this tragedy.
Secondly, the Somaliland Representative office and the above mentioned Somaliland communities
in BeNeLux countries convey condelences to the Somaliland President, the Government, the House
of Representatives and particularly to the Upper House (  the Guurti ) of which, the late Honorable HAji
abdi Hussein was a prominent member as well as the whole people of Somaliland. There is no doubt
that Somaliland will profoundly miss his wisdom and his elderly forsight.
The late Honorable Haji Abdi was a statesman who was highly respeced and with highly admired personality. His political and social background and experience were unparalleled. Since the 1940s and earlier, he dedicated his life and made tremendous contribution to the wellbeing of all Somalis.He plyed particularly  a historic role through Somaliland governments in the improvement and progress of Somaliland and its people. He is also well-known for the spectacular role he  played in the early 1990s, during the proclamation of the independence of Somaliland and in the reconciliation of Somaliland clans whom he called upon  to rebuild, what was then, a broken  Somaliland  society,  towards  peace and stability.
 The late Honorable Haji Abdi personified Somali culture, Somali wisedom, their history and their aspirations. Somalis everywhere will always remember him for his wise advice and his high interest for Somaliland and all other Somali communities to live in peace in order to make make development and progress. He passed away, aged 122. At his funeral in Hargeisa yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Somalis  came from all Somali regions to pray for him. We all pray to God to rest  Haii Abdi Hussein in  paradise.
But we should remember his legacy, his wisdom and wise advice.
Mohamoud Abdi Daar
Somaliland Representative in the European Union.