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The Heego government in Somaliland launched hate program masqueraded as National Service..

The same day that conflict between SSC and Somaliland restarted. The Heego government in Somaliland launched hate program masqueraded as National Service Training Program. The main objectives of this program are:

·         To enhance the spirit of hate (Heego Hargeisa style) amongst the younger generation. ( Sub-clan based government in Hargeisa wants youngsters to hate everyone who calls himself or herself SOMALI )

·         To foster and to promote national hate against anyone who dreams to be a SOMALI one day.

·         To develop negative characteristics in the younger generation by the instillation of unmoral values. ( as this program interferes with Other forms of education …….. this program will depend curriculum developed by Heego Hargeisa it starts call everyone ” Faqash ” and finishes with call everyone ” Faqash ” again )

·         To Kill the spirit of volunteerism in the younger generation ( As this program violates free will )

·         To develop a more vigorous, inactive, unintelligent and insecure young generation.( put young people’s lives at risk).

From the five objectives listed above, it can be plainly observed that the government is very keen in creating a divide and rule.  As was obvious in past year, this sub- clan based government of colonel Muse Shani Bihi Abdi all scholarships were given to students from one sub-clan mainly Sa’ad Muse subclan with few Isse Muse sub-clan actors to secure that outsiders will call them Habar Awal .It is also observed that the government concerns a lot on the problems arising from time to time from tribal inequality , and that the government wish that by hosting this National Service Training Program, national silence can be enforced. This program can also be used as  child soldier recruiting machine ……..

Thousands of children are serving as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world; the case isn’t different in Tukaraq conflict both Puntland and Somaliland are deploying child soldiers according our sources. New evidence has emerged as photos of children captured in the war zone .

 Family members and an eyewitness told our sources how the armed groups with the help of clan chiefs were actively recruiting boys as young as 15 to fight as child soldiers on the front lines of the conflict in Tukaraq.

It is horrifying  that  Somaliland and Puntland forces with the help of clan chiefs are taking children away from their parents and their homes, stripping them of their childhood to put them in the line of fire where they could die or being traumatized for live .

The  National Service Training Program will substitute  clan chiefs as this program will recruit children  under 21 who will serve as child soldier , we hope international community to investigate matters related to legislation, curriculum, facilities and financial provisions necessary for implementation of National Service Training Program if they ever give assistance .


Ahmed Jigga