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Somaliland and South Africa keen fostering ties between the two countries, Somaliland president warmly received a high level delegation from South Africa government in his presidential office

Somaliland government officials at the airport received the high ranking delegation from South Africa. The delegation hold talks with Somaliland government officials leading by Somaliland president affirming the historic relationship between Somaliland and South Africa.  Discussions in the meeting covered various domains that served the bilateral interest of the two people.  While receiving the delegation, Somaliland president, Muse Bihi Abdi has expressed how much Somaliland people are grateful for his brotherly visit. The large delegation consisted higher officials from South African ruling party (ANC).

The two sides also discussed also the relationship between the two ruling parties ANC and Kulmiye to serve the mutual bilateral interest of the two countries.  Statement released by Somaliland government spokesman, Mohamoud Warsame Jama,   the two sides discussed a range of issues, mainly the bilateral relations.  This visit was indeed historic occasion for both countries (Somaliland and South Africa) as this served the mutual interest between the two countries. The meeting ended with a bilateral understanding. The sides have expressed their determination to reach a higher level of cooperation in future.Somaliland diplomatic efforts directed toward building peace and prosperity throughout Africa and the world at large.

Somaliland foreign policy aimed avoiding tension in the region and promote stability in the world at large. The peace and stability in Somaliland not benefited by Somaliland but the world in large. Somaliland promotes friendly and cooperative relationship with the rest of the world and this what influenced hundreds of delegation from various parts of the world visiting Somaliland since Somaliland ended the failed union with Somalia in 1991.This visit and other before is clear signal and window of opportunity for Somaliland. These successive visits from various parts of the world will advance Somaliland diplomatic Status quo.

Ismail Lugweyne