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Mr. Saleban Ibrahim Mohamoud ………….Justice Now !

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Maybe in the opinion of many, maybe even in the minds of supporters of the Opposition parties , the corruption issue that was highlighted in the recent election campaign, now that the election has been decided and the way it has been decided, are now obsolete ……..pure theft the election !
This is completely wrong. To accept such reasoning would mean that the issue of corruption was just an election gimmick, a trick to get people to vote for one of God fathers of corruption in Somaliland colonel Muse Bihi Abdi and his corrupted kulmiye party.
On the contrary, the corruption issue is still all there and must be faced. If the issue is now obsolete in the minds of many Somalilanders , it is not obsolete in the minds of people outside Somaliland  and certainly not obsolete in the minds of international community and donor countries who are paying their tax payer’s money . The tax payer’s money is donated to the poor people in Somaliland but it goes straight into bank accounts of greedy fat cats so called kulmiye party elite.
And if this corruption issue has seriously damaged Somaliland’s reputation, it’s still here and it will only be effective and determined action on that can remove the stigma.
So far, we have to say, there has been nothing done to lead us to believe that the corruption is faced in the post-election year, there have been some slight changes, it is true. The supervision of the financial sector has passed from the hands of the Finance Minister, to the hands of the unknown group it is a maffia style “casa nostra ” We The Awal people ……
More to the point, the  Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi has withstood all pressures for him to remove both Minister Sa’ad Ali Shire  and his aide Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar because of their involvement in the Dubai Papers Scandal a ” shell company ” they created in Dubai to rob Somaliland financially  . On the contrary, Dr. Sa’ad is promoted to  minister  of finance and has been tasked with the important task of resurrecting Somaliland natural resources   and overseeing the important donations from international community……… ” You can put all the lipstick you want on a pig, but at the end of the day it’s still a pig.”… Kulmiye is Kulmiye .
Sa’ad & Bashe Somaliland Company Limited the international ramifications of this company and allied allegations of corruption are still there with all their toxic effects.
WE THE PEOPLE condemn in strongest terms illegal detention of Mr. Saleban Ibrahim Mohamoud we believe he is prisoner of conscious  he told Somaliland and the world the story of corruption in Somaliland as we mentioned here he added that he will declare local administration in Sahil Region to clean this mass of Kulmiye party if colonel Muse Bihi abdi isn’t up to task .
Ahmed Jigjiga