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Butcher of Hargeisa Somaliland, Mohammed Said Hersi, ran for presidential Election of Puntland, when Robow former Southwest Region presidential candidate is in prison .


on November 4, 2018 Somalia government arrested Mukhtar Robow in Baidoa , capital of Southwest region of Somalia, days before presidential election of the region. Robow was Al-shabaab terrorist insurgent and spokesman for the group. Robow was arrested for being a threat to the selection of the government nominee, Lafta Gareen.

Somalia government spent over $1million dollars in bribes by corrupting member parliaments to select the current president, Lafta Gareen.

In August , 2017 Robow renounced violence, Al-shabaab group and was  given immunity by Somalia Government  to run for presidential election of Southwest region. Robow was the front runner and had lot of supporters from Baidoa and its surroundings since he belongs to the main clan of the area and could have been the winner of the presidential election.


On ther hand Mohammed Said Hersi AKA Morgan, Butcher of Hargeisa, Somaliland   ran  for presidential election in Puntland in last election held on  january 8, 2019 where current Somalia Farmajo government turned a blind eye to stop him for running and  condemn Hersi’s bloody past history against the  innocent people of Somaliland, but carelessly still talks about dead and dubious reunification and united Somalia by  claiming the Somaliland territory as a part of Somalia region.

Hersi received his military training in Italy and USA during the Siad Barre dictatorial  military  regime. Beginning of 1980s he became the commander of Siad Barre Red Beret responsible for the  killing and torturing thousands of suspected opposition from all walks life to Siad Barre brutality and dictatorship.

Beginning  of 1986 he became and promoted to military general and commander  of the 26th division  based in Hargeisa  Somaliland. Hersi , Siad Barre’s son in law was relocated to Hargeisa, Somaliland to suppress the Somaliland uprising led by SNM, Somali National Movement led by current Somaliland president Muse Bihi  against Siad Barre’s killing and brutality.

Mid 1980s after Hersi took over the 26th division military his troops conducted countless operations against  innocent civilians in different cities  and SNM rebels  in Somaliland which   led to the death and imprisonment of thousands of Somaliland civilians by the Somali National Army.Hersi Morgan was in charge of these operations, and thus became known as the “Butcher of Hargeisa”.

Beginning 1988 Mohammed Said Hersi led the shelling and  bombing of Hargeisa in response to the city being taken over by the SNM. The shelling and subsequent battles that took place in Somaliland  led to  the deaths of an estimated 500,000 – 600,000 people, where hundred of  thousands of civilians were buried in mass graves in Hargeisa and its outskirts, where until today whenever it  rains floods expose human bones and skeletons  tied together by wires and belts.

Today not only Hersi but hundreds of former Siad Barre military officers who committed crimes against humanity in Somaliland  train current Somalia military with the help of  Turkey military personnel, where Somalia government sees them  as Heroes so long they support the government.

Few weeks ago the Somalia Federal government expelled UN envoy Nicholas Hayson after he raised concern about the arrest of Mukhtar Robow and the  killing of  15 protesters and the arrest 300 people.

The sixty million dollar questions is why Somalia Federal Government keeps claiming Somaliland territory, where ” the Butcher of Hargeisa,Somaliland, Morgan” and his colleagues ran for presidential elections in Somalia, train and consult Somalia official and military personnel?

Mohamud Aden Samatar