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Press Release


Press Release

We the people of Garhajis Nation are appalled and disgusted by the constant attacks and insults of our Traditional Leaders by the Garhajis tea party fraction in diaspora .Specifically we are concerned about attacks on honorable Suldan Mohamed Suladan Abdikadir حفظه الله و رعاه and honorable Suldan Mohamed Suldan Hirsi Qaniحفظه الله و رعاه.

This behaviour gives the politics of Garhajis Nation a bad name and image. This behavior as it is stated by Engineer Anwar Sheikh Mohamed Abdalla  undermines  our cultural value systems as nation. These insults only provide fodder for irresponsible and disrespectful behavior for our youth in particular, for which the Garhajis Nation is very concerned.

Our traditional leaders and our religious guardians must be held in high esteem as standard bearers of order respect. Politicians come and go but it is our traditional and religious systems that have kept us together as a people and must therefore be respected.

We The people of Garhajis  Nation condemn in the strongest term the illegal detention of AYUUB  TRADTIONAL LEADER  Honorable Ugaas Ismail Abdi Muhumed  حفظه الله و رعاه…. Traditional Leaders must be given respect. The Kulmiye Leadership must show remorse when they wrong Somalilanders. Their failure to do so show their arrogance, obnoxiousness and offer evidence of a total disregard for the fabric of our culture and its progress to be a paramount concern in governance.

In fact, Kulmiye detention systems led by and appear to be endorsed by Mr. Muse Bihi , have the penchant of insulting Traditional Leaders and men of ALLAH as well as other leaders who share their thoughts and  opinions that criticize government for its poor leadership and the suffering it has imposed on Somalilanders.

We The Garhajis Nation