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Injustice Watch : Journalist Said Mohamoud Gahayr still in prison

The journalist, teacher and poet Mr.Said Mohamoud Gahayr was about to publish in social media of investigations into corruption cases of the Minister of the finance Sa’ad Ali Shire as he questioned the reasons behind arresting horn of Africa Religion Scholar  Sheikh Adan Sunne حفظه الله ورعاه who is in for jail almost one year  with 25 of his students . Mr.Said Mohamoud Gahayr is arrested in Hargeisa 3rd  January 2019 .
History repeats itself, and that’s one of the things that’s wrong with history
” Although he should have been released after serving two months in prison for “sedition and insurrection”, the journalist, teacher and poet Said Mohamoud Gahayr is still held in prison in Hargeisa. He was arrested on 20 August after the publication in social media of investigations into corruption cases of the Minister of the Presidency, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi. According to Said Mohamoud Gahayr, Abdi – who is currently under investigation by the British HM Revenue & Customs ” The British government is particularly interested in his bank account registered in Dubai. According to our sources, the minister told the British tax authorities that there was about a million dollars in this account. The authorities were surprised that despite these assets, his wife lives in government subsidized housing. Even more since he owns a house in Birmingham that he rents out ” – Minster Hashi is at the centre of a network of corruption dating back to when he was minister for aviation. After the arrest of the journalist, Abdi declared in the local media: “We are liberating our country from these pirates who blackmail us with their pens.” Western diplomats are already considering this case and the human rights movement Amnesty International is examining it “.
~ (source Indian Ocean Newsletter ) .~