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Farmajo regime committed mass murdering against unarmed civilians in Biadaba and imposed dictatorship rule in Biadaba similar to his uncle regime (Sayid Bare regime)

The mass killings committed by Farmajo regime end result wide condemnations across the world including the United Nations. Farmajo regime behaved wildly by expelling honorable diplomat simply because this respected diplomat has expressed how much he annoyed the civilians killing in Biadaba.   United Nations Security Council expressed regret at Somalia’s decision to expel a U.N. envoy who questioned the civilians killed by Farmajo regime.   Farmajo inherited the dictatorship system from his uncle, Sayid Bare regime. Farmajo represents the regime that committed mass murdering for 100,000 Somaliland citizens without committing any civil offence. The regime that committed collective punishment against unarmed civilians in Somaliland over 20 years.

The dictatorship system that committed death and destruction against unarmed civilians in Somaliland.   The regime that committed air bombardment and artillery shelling in Hargeisa made the city under rubble and the scale of destruction was unprecedented up to 90 percent of the city. The regime that committed atrocities against unarmed civilians. The regime that converted many Somaliland cities like the city of blood and death in Syria, Aleppo (Halab). The regime their military leaders had the order and instruction to kill the local population as much as could kill. The regime that converted many schools, mosques and hospitals under rubble. In those days, the whole civilian population in Somaliland cities become a target in their homes. Over one hundred thousand Somalilanders lost their lives, and millions fled the country to seek refuge either in neighboring countries or elsewhere in the world where they could find shelter. In Mogadishu, 47 middle-class Isaaq men living in the capital city of were taken from their homes in the middle of the night, they were then transported to Jasiira, a communal beach west of Mogadishu and summarily executed.

These men included professionals, businessmen and teachers. The regime has bombed towns and strafed fleeing residents and used artillery indiscriminately. Over 50 Somaliland citizens including intellectuals, businessman, and members of government official   were rounded up and executed in Burao simply because of their origin.  The level of destruction in Hargeisa as a result of air bombardment and artillery shelling cannot be expressed in words.   Over 20 years, Somaliland people were hostages to the regime and their rights prohibited by the regime.  Citizens were detained, tortured and their properties were confiscated.  Women were rapped and children were forced to cry as result of regime mercilessness. Somaliland people were lived in terror over 20 years.  The regime used to detain citizens simply they were not loyal to the regime.  Citizens had no rights to defend them against false accusations.
 The court of law were tools used by the regime to oppress citizens.  The voices of aggressors used to speaks louder than the voices of the victims. Anyone found not loyal to the regime were subject to long imprisonment. This circumstances made the citizens living in horrifying picture over 20 years. The crime of genocide was conceived, planned and perpetrated by the Somali Government against civilians between 1987 and 1989. Women wiped and children have cried in view of the brutality of the destruction and the bombings. The regime forces have not demonstrated any mercy to the civilian population. These regime Mig jets indiscriminately targeted civilians fleeing from bombardment.   A Russian fighter plane used to bomb Hargeisa is now a monument in the central square. The brutality of the regime cannot be described in words.

The regime warplanes and artillery have bombed civilian targets and population centers, hitting every building including mosques, schools and markets.  A war memorial in the form of a MiG fighter jet was erected in Hargeisa to mark the regime by airstrikes in in 1988.  Thousands of Somaliland citizens were buried in mass graves in the 1980s under Somali dictator Mohamed Siad Barre. Somaliland has one main tribute to the victims: The central figure in one painting is a man with blood spurting out of his limbs after his arms and legs have been chopped off. Criminals like the butcher of Hargeisa and Yousef Tuke has demonstrated the worst brutality as he buried civilians alive. The relentless violence against civilians in 1988 resulted in the world’s largest refugee crisis.  Thousands buried in unmarked graves.  Almost 300 mass graves found in various parts of Somaliland. Tens of thousands of skeletons have found many places in Somaliland. In conclusion, justices must conquer so that, these criminals must pay the cost of their killings against unarmed civilians.

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