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Somaliland: Needs , Trans formational Leadership

Each century, while giving birth to new ideas, gains new perceptions. Each and every leader of other nations looks differently at the world than those before them did. The reason why they look at the world in a different way is that they have witnessed the appearance of a range of factors that compel them to distinguish the difference between the problems of the past and the present ones and the way they use to encounter them.

Somaliland people are always led by leaders who are not guided by the circumstances that are variable and changing day after day. It has become so common and so seemingly agreeable that every individual Somaliland government repeats the mistakes committed by the previous one. The wonderment is why it is hard for all Somali leaders to look at the world differently than those before them did, and whoever becomes a president or a parliamentarian can not read his thoughts and polices any other way.

When myopia to rebel grips the Somali society time and time again, what would it acquire, and whom would it identify as its adversary? Is our land not a land of sages and saints? Is our nation infertile to produce keen leadership? Is arrogance what Somaliland leadership can all in all evoke? Where the care is that leadership is known to inspire? The sheer perfection of its design and dedication? The elegance of its strides? The searing integrity of its elaborate element? The qualities of its nobility, idea of dignity, of unself-interestedness, of largeness of spirit, and of a rising above spite, faction and greed?

How could Somaliland believe that their leaders are ware of what the country needs when most of them are not even brooding the past, leave alone they are to ensure that the future is safe? Attempts to push today back to yesterday are too dangerous, especially at this day and age, and especially as they concern government affairs and reworking of human resources, where the price of a single error is irreversible catastrophe.

It is all bad and it is all pain and above all it is desperately sad. Siilaanyo looks like a leader who does not have the scope to reshape his policies and begin the work of remaking Somaliland, to steer the nation out of the old ailing politics that still continues to criminalize the ethics and standards of civilization. Alas, his administration is just like a child seeing the sky reflected in a puddle after rain, letting his foot touch the puddle, which at his touch will turn into a raging flood that will sweep him away. Whether Somaliland will ever have presidents or parliamentarian members with transformational qualities, who can lift the country up and organize its people in a way that no other leaders have or could in recent memories, remains to be seen.

By:Jama Falaag
Hargeisa, Somaliland