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The thieves and the liars could be dressing the best cloths, driving the best cars, own the best houses, accumulate wealth by cheating, but being morally bankrupt, wealth, good dress, ownership of houses cannot improve their rotten reputation.

The thieves and liars have no moral like the rest the rest of the people.  All what they to acquire money through any means right or wrong. Anything  negative traits  rest of the people consider Haram is considered Halal for the thrives and liars. Thieves and liars are blind by heart.  They are short of good of sense and good morality and this way they behaved rottenly. Stealing, lying, cheating, lying and immoral acts are negative traits for the thieves and liars. The thief and the liar involves all the time muddy deeds that most people feel shy to  commit, but unluckily the thieves and the liars never sense the dishonorable acts that, they commit all the time that damages their bad reputation. There is no honor among thieves. Thieves and liars have sold their moral, their dignity, their principle, their pride, their image in exchange of cheating those who trust them. Man’s dignity has no price even in poverty conditions. Dishonesty is sin, destructive to the society and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty.

Dishonesty of any kind will create imperfection. Money is essential requirement in our daily life, but liking money in immoral manner makes greedy personalities unashamed. The words such as dignity, moral, respect, good image, ethics are not the thoughts of thieves and the liars.   Showing a strong or excessive desire to acquire money makes breeders lost dignity and respect. In every part of the world, people cannot identify the thief and the liar first time from the rest of the people as there is no label tied for the thief and the liar to alert people and possibly the thief could be wearing the best clothes or driving best cars. But their immoral acts are discovered and noticed in span of time. The liars  thieves  that steal or cheat us in our practical life are our friends or close relatives that we trusted them being our relatives, but it is not good idea to trust someone simply he is either your friend or relative when it comes trust as it could be true that people that may not be close to us by blood can be more trustworthy than those close us by blood.

Normally, the thief will try to demonstrate many signs as an effort to encourage people believing him, but that attempt will be proved later only as tips to generate false trust from the people that intended to steal or to cheat, but the honest people act normally being self-confidences which is short from the thief and the liar. Many times, it is proved trusting your relatives or friends become counter-productive as the thief will not observe any rule, or any relationship even if he his own brother. You can train and tame a dog and the dangerous animals like lion, but cannot tame the thief, the liar & the bad person reason being the depth of their dishonesty is so dangerous and cannot be controlled or overcome.

Some people are dishonest because they believe that the others can’t handle the truth, which for most cases its true because the truth most of the time is bitter.  Russian proverb states “With lies you may get ahead in the world – but you can never go back. Honesty is rarest wealth someone can possess.  Thief believes that the shortest means to acquire money is steal since the thief is morally bankrupt and in most situations, the thief is a liar, greedy, selfish, immoral and not embarrassed since his intentions is steal being dishonest person by nature. Many poor people are not thieves simply they are rich by heart, but thief is poor by heart. Allah created human being free from selfishness, but the greediness of some people made them selfish which meant poverty in heart and driving factor behind selfish person focused how he can benefit in all situations.

It is true .we live in a world whereby there are millions of selfish people in every part of the world that their existences on earth did not carry any benefit for mankind but only impose threat to humanity. A selfish person is weak and haunted by the fear of control. The selfish person lacks any concern for the rights of others, someone who does not value others, someone who does not fairness, someone who did not see the need to return a value for value. Someone who all the time ask people to help him but did not prepared to do the same from his end. Someone who exploit others and care for nothing but their own ends in view being selfish, a kind of behavior for someone that put his own pleasure before the pleasure of others. The selfish person steal being morally bankrupt commit stealing to promote his selfish interest. A selfish person replaces value for human being with selfishness.

A selfish person is the one who acts for his own sake and his actions are self-centered being exploiters.A selfish individual will always think that they deserve special treatment and that’s why they will ask you for all kinds of favors even if you don’t know them so well. They often think that they are better than everyone else and they are not afraid of saying that out loud. They all the time tries asking them for a favor and see if they are willing to help you. They are not that grateful for what you’ve done for them since they think that they deserve special treatment from everyone else. The selfish person lacks any concern for the rights of others; he did not see the need to return a value for value.  Truth and honesty are short from thieves and liars being morally bankruptcy. stealing, cheating, lying, greediness, selfishness are inbuilt traits for the thieves and lairs. In conclusion, the  thieves, liars, selfish persons denies the existence of others.

Ismail Lugweyne.