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As announced by Somaliland minister of finance development, Somaliland government will administer through government printing press five printing services formerly done by private companies as this is highly sensitive government documents

This decision with regarding printing government official documents in government printing press is set of series commitments Somaliland current government has undertaken to act as the strength of a nation derives the integrity of its leaders. The minister Yousef Mohamed Abdi Raage taken into account the integrity of the government, the image of the government, the sensitive of the issues, to eliminate unnecessary government spending and to activate the role of Somaliland national printing press which was not fully utilized in the past, he has decided the above services to be totally administered by Somaliland government through government printing press with immediate effect as this in line with the directives of Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi  as well answering public demands. These printing services were formerly in the hands of private companies.

 The services contracts the government previously awarded to subject contractors in the past have already expired and a result, the government has decided not to renew these contracts once its validity has already expired. In the beginning, there was no logic government sensitive documents be in the hands of private companies.  There was no logic printing government official documents in private printing press while Somaliland government has its own national printing press as this was not cost effective.  Since Somaliland current government under the leadership of president Muse Bihi has come to office in December 2017, this government has taken successive steps to restore the image of the government and to gain the trust of Somaliland people which end result public approval.  Furthermore, in line with government policy, no doubt similar steps to be taken by the government are anticipated in due course.

As clean hand needs no washing, this government has employed a policy of eradicating out corruption which is the basis of poverty in many countries in Africa. It is understood, the taller pillar for national development is eradicating corruption which affects social, economic and political aspects for the lives our children and our families. Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It’s self-defense. It’s patriotism. Corruption is the enemy of development and good governance. To win the trust of the people, always cook them some savory that pleases them. We are the author of our own future and as result, we cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. This government inspired optimism for the future of Somaliland being made the revenue collected from tax payers and government expenditure more transparent.

Success being stems from hard work, dedication, sincerity, unbounded efforts and motivation. Despite short period in office, however, this government progress is historic, turning point record, notable success and accomplishment to all Somaliland people. The journey of achievement is not paved with gold but rather an effort to gain the desired goals. Success is measured based on the amount of hard work which the government has employed. The differences between can and cannot are only three letters. These three letters that determine the way we think. The starting point of any achievement is desire to execute the same and dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. Somaliland economy is shaped by the government through the plenary sessions by the ministerial council in an effort to accomplish the desired goals set to achieve. In conclusion, the success of this government has attained in short period in office is the result of collective effort .



Ismail Lgweyne