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Haji Abdi Hussein known as Haji Abdi Warabe who has rare qualities was nominated as traditional chief in 1940 which was 12 years before the current British queen was crowned

History is one of the most significant things in our lives. A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Marcus Garvey.  Haji Abdi Hussein has unique personal histories which are for the rest of the people. In every part of the world, people are two categories namely those who shape history and those that read the history shaped by great men. Haji Abdi Hussein is among people that shaped the course of history in Somaliland.  Haji Abdi devoted his life working peace among his people. He is the charisma of making peace. He is the charisma how to solve problems. He has the charisma how to negotiate.

He has the charisma how to influence. He has the charisma how to tolerate. He has the charisma how to make breakthrough on difficult issues. He has the charisma how to reconcile between conflicting parts. He has the charisma how to end conflicts. .. He used the power of logic to end the hostilities. Logic is fundamentally a tool for getting at truth.  As all opinions are not equal; some are a very great deal than others. He is the charisma how to bring best opinions.  He has the charisma how to source right solutions.  He has the charisma how to lead peace missions.

Peaces mean the capacity to transform conflicts with empathy, without violence. He has the charisma how unit his people. He has the charisma how to inspire others.  He has the charisma how to get best ideas. He has the charisma how persuade with others. Allah has gifted him great wisdom.  Allah has gifted him productive wisdom. Allah has gifted him resourceful inspirations. Allah has gifted him rich words while speaking.  Allah has gifted him exceptional tolerance. Allah has gifted him great talents. Allah has gifted him reputable image. Allah has gifted him self- discipline. Allah has gifted him charismatic speaking.

Allah has gifted special behaviour. Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image. Allah has gifted him best commonsense. .Allah has gifted him lovely personality.   Allah has gifted him successive personal achievements. Allah has gifted him bright ideas. Allah has gifted him extraordinary traits.  Allah has gifted him the power of Creativity. Creative person is motivated by the desire to achieve and achievement seems to be connected with action. Allah has gifted him the power of logic. Allah has gifted him the ability to stay calmness. Allah has gifted him positive thoughts. Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.

Positive thinking is a powerful force, which plays an important role in the formation of life. Positive attitude leads to contentment and success and can change your whole life. In the event, we look at the bright side of life, our whole life becomes filled with light. Allah has gifted him rare qualities. Generally; there are many types of leaders in the world such as political leaders, religious leaders, and academic leaders. He is greattraditional leader.  He is trustworthy to lead. He has the ability connecting with others. Haji Abdi Hussein is a person worth praise.  He is a person of multiple positive unusual qualities. praise is stronger than any weapon formed by human ideas. Praise is an investment that brings great profits to men. Praise broadens your heart .Praise makes you a heart of attraction to your generation.

Haji Abdi Hussein has united his people under one heart and one mind as everything is possible for the willing heart. This sourced him to gain the trust of his people. Trust is not something easily to earn. Trust is like is glue which we cannot wipe away. Haji Abdi Hussein has compassionate heart. Haji Abdi Hussein did the best serving his country and his people and this why he gained the trust of his people collectively. Apart of above, Haji Abdi Hussein is the most prominent figure in Somaliland house of elders. He is the most respectable figure in the house.  He is the most influential personality in the house. He is the icon of the house. Haji Abdi Hussein is symbol of unity for his people and his country. He united his people for common purpose. He is the bridge that connects to each other.

 The Al-Mighty Allah has gifted Hajji to Somaliland .Taken above into account, Haji Abdi is great asset to Somaliland.  History has registered Hajji Abdi as a great person. I cannot claim written all the qualities about this great personality, however, above is glimpse about Haji Abdi Hussein personal qualities.  Zooming up, no one can sum up Haji Abdi Hussein exceptional qualities in number of pages in view of his background, the services he did his country, his people and his rare qualities. Had anyone wish providing me more information about this great personality, please feel free to write me through email referred underneath. Note I have the intention of writing a mini book in English about this great Somaliland personality shortly being inspired me like the way he inspired the rest of Somaliland.

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