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Somaliland economic looking bright as the country is experiencing unprecedented revenue increase in view of remarkable performance by Somaliland of finance development

Somaliland economy is picking up and as a result the country’s growth prospects look bright. Thanks to the implementation of reforms, changes and effective efficiency the ministry of finance development has employed since Somaliland current government has came into office. Somaliland economy is gaining momentum. Thanks to the implementation of several recent noteworthy policies that contributed raising Somaliland revenue without tax increase for the essential commodities like food.  Even though this government has came to office less than ten months ago, however its competence has contributed certifiable progress in many key areas. The government income exceeds the forecasted budget figures.  Thanks the government’s fiscal policy that generated this economic growth.

This economic blessing is promising bright future for Somaliland. Thanks for the cooperation the various government ministries and associated independent agencies extended to each other as together we can do so much.  When we join our hands, we also join our hearts. These achievements have been gained as the results of the combined efforts by all government ministries collectively. Somaliland economy growth is the direct result of various economic reform measures taken by Somaliland ministry of finance development. The country economic picture is looking brighter and this promises good news for Somaliland economic future. Every penny obtained by this government in form of tax has been saved in view of the transparency policy of the government and honest hands that administers our revenue.


The government is proud the achievements gained in its short period in office which is less than ten months. The government major goals include saving the hard-earned money and putting back to the public. Somaliland government continue creating an environment of answering the demands of the public with regards Somaliland strategic assets. The government has returned to public ownership from private ownership  the assets which the former government awarded to a number of contracts in a form of favouritism.

This development has sourced the government gaining the trust of Somaliland public as the nine months this government in office has proved remarkable progress in many notable areas and economic acceleration.  This is made possible things to look bright in Somaliland even though this government occupied office less than months. Taken into account, the graph of progress in this short period, the tendency of progress in future seems very promising.  Zooming up, the government economic policy and efficiency predicts significant economic growth in future that generates great encouragement and enthusiasm for Somaliland public

 Ismail Lugweyne