Oodweyne News - Latest Somali News Update

Somalia has tens of factions, tens of tribal interests, tens of obstacles, tens of foreign interest, tens of political agenda, tens of political directions & tens of conflicts which mean a house divided cannot stand

Anything that starts with bad intention will end result collapse and this is why Somalia experiencing stalemate nearly a decade. Somali leaders regardless their regions of origin are in competition for power and resources. Almost a decade Somali leaders failed to form functioning central government reason being, they do not have nothing in common.  The only that units them is their enmity against Somaliland people which they failed producing any benefits for them reason being, Somali leaders have no political influence on world affairs since their own is hostage for foreign powers.

Foreign power competition and interest in Somalia added fire the aging crisis in Somalia which means Somalia sink deeper a state of total disintegration.  The country became battle ground for foreign powers competition. The real decision makers in Somalia are foreign powers which means, the future of Somalia is decided by foreign powers. The world made Somalia a battle ground whereby each country aimed to get influence in Somalia in the expanse of others and as a result, we do not see slight hope solving the chromic problems of Somalia aged over a quarter century. Somalia is experiencing from crisis to another crisis.

The country crisis reminds the story of Arab sailor, Sindbad.  His life had full of adventures that put danger many times to his life.  Sindbad had survived many times serious sea disaster in high seas and one time said, whenever, I survived from serious sea crisis, I encounter little later another crisis which is much worse than the previous crisis. In this context, Somalia is experiencing state failure since Sayid Barre regime ousted from power in 1991. Somali leaders lost trust among themselves as trust is like a mirror once cannot be repaired. On top of the above, Al-Shabab routine suicide bombs made the situation worse and the life of the people insecure.

Until today, despite over 20, 000 African peace keeping forces,  large parts of  the country still controlled by Al-Shabab and as a result, Somali government officials cannot move from town to another town due to Al-Shabab strongholds in between the cities and towns in Somalia. None of the Somali politicians have the vision to make good image with regard how to make good future of their country as tribal and personal interest speaks louder than the common interest of their people.  In conclusion, the international community spent billions of dollars to make peace in Somalia, but making peace in Somalia seems day dream in view of above.


Ismail Lugweyne.