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The peace and stability made Somaliland as an economical treasure whereas the world has labelled Somalia a failed state and terrorist safe haven

While Somalia has not known peace since the early 1990s, contrary Somaliland enjoyed peaceful and democratic transition of governments after every election. There is great differences between the two people, this why is Somaliland is peaceful while Somalia still   in chaos almost a decade. In large parts of Somalia, terrorists have great freedom of movement in an effort to get hold of resources, recruit fighters to plan and mount operations within Somalia and in neighbouring countries while Somaliland people have demonstrated their support for the rule of law. Since 1991, Somalia experiencing political  instability and security turmoil while Somaliland people coexist for years without any major disruption of peace is a signal that they too can find a lasting solution to their problems if any. Somali security forces are incompetent of securing and retaking towns from al-Shabaab independently as most of Somali are militias from former warlords who are still loyal to clan affiliation apart being undisciplined.

Somaliland plays dynamic role in and international efforts to combat extremism.  Many question why Somaliland is peaceful and Somalia not despite the numerous peace building efforts by the international and regional communities which have sought to get Somali factional leaders to reach a lasting agreement. Somaliland people are very proud of what they have achieved since withdrawing the failed union with Somalia in 1991. The country is the successor state to the British Somaliland Protectorate, which gained independence from Britain in 1960. Somaliland borders drawn down by European colonial powers in the 19th century and as a result Somaliland sticks to old colonial borders.  Somaliland was previously colonized by the United Kingdom while the rest of Somalia was colonized by Italy.

In Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, money-changers sit unguarded in many streets of the capital with huge stacks of money as commerce flourishes around.  The difference between Somaliland and Somalia is,  peace in Somaliland came from its people working together and  has traditional conflict solution machinery in place which has nurtured mutual trust and dialogue by its people. This model was instituted on moving society towards the state that was tested state-building. Peace and security has provided Somaliland people to enjoy law and order and uninterrupted stability. The country has a special place in the political developments in Africa, especially in the Horn. Somaliland people have built their country from the ruins without help from external support. The countries become a bastion of democracy and stability compared with neighbouring Somalia.  Somali regional states leaders in a strongly worded communiqué issued in Kismayo cut ties with the fragile government in Mogadishu in what is seen by many as a significant blow to the already weak relationships between the two.

The regional states leaders accused the fragile government in Mogadishu interfering with the internal matter of the regional states, and for failing to honour past agreements it had signed with Mogadishu.  This circumstance has created war of words and heated debate over the airwaves by the two sides that made the situation worse. This new conflict is another obstacle for a country that did not yet healed past wounds.Somalia is divided tribally and making common ground between Somali leader seems unlikely. Unity among them is uncommon in their thoughts as individualism speaks louder than the common interest of their people. Somaliland independence was not achieved free of cost.

18 May was gained at the cost of one hundred thousand lives and destruction of complete cities and towns,the day carries special remembrance to every Somaliland citizen. The date is more important to those who witnessed the deliberated targeted killings by merciless regime.  The day is more important to those who witnessed the air bombardment. The day is more important to those who witnessed the deliberated targeted killings.  The day is more important to those who witnessed artillery bombardment. The day is more important to those who witnessed the violent killings. The day is more important to those who lost their loved ones while liberating this country from brutal regime.  The day is more important to those who witnessed young girls raped by regime forces.

The day is more important to those who witnessed acts of violent and collective punishment. 26 of June marks historical importance to Somaliland people.26 June was the date that Somaliland people awaked the night to mark and celebrate the event. The date pleased the hearts and minds all Somaliland people regardless the age. It was the date Somaliland people has shared same feelings and same common interest.  Somaliland people from the extreme east to extreme west share same culture and same civilization. In conclusion, Somaliland people are different than the Somalis in Somalia reason being, Somaliland people are experts how to make peace among them, how to make unity, how to make common grounds, how to make dialogue between them, how to make compromises between them and how to inspire each other. This is what made Somaliland special place in horn of Africa

Ismail Lugweyne.