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Somaliland government decision registering government owned property has gained cheerful reception from Somaliland public as government policy correspond Somaliland public opinion

Across the world, the reputation of every government is important as good reputation is more valuable than money.   In this regard, Somaliland government has reacted positively the public demand with regard the government owned property registration. . Over the last few months, Somaliland government has successive steps intended returning  Somaliland strategic assets to public  ownership. Not long ago, Somaliland president Muse Abdi has taken heroic steps correcting the mismanagement involved by former government with regards Somaliland strategic interest assets.  The president transferred to public ownership many assets the former government awarded to their preferred contracts which was illegal and served the interest of individual pockets.

 The contracts awarded the former government to some contractors were based on favouritism and power abuse and against the public interest. This is the main reason that encouraged Somaliland president to correct the mismanagement committed by Somaliland former government.  Public property is owned by the entire public and as a result Public property should remain in the hands of public ownership as this is in line with public interest. Somaliland president has invalidated the contracts awarded by former government to contracts that have close connection to some members of former government as it was not serving the public interest of Somaliland people.

Public property means public investment and as a result, public investment cannot be transferred to private property. Somaliland Public properties are  jointly owned by Somaliland people collectively. The president courageousness  decision has attained has received 100 % approval across Somaliland as patriotism runs deeper than flag. Transferring Somaliland pubic owned property in the hands of private ownership was the greatest threat committed against Somaliland strategic interest .Pubic owned property are built with public money which is from the taxes we pay to the government and as a result, our tax money cannot be transferred to private ownership. Zooming up, it is duty of every Somaliland to support the government decision with regard registering public property being public asset owned by Somaliland collectively

Ismail Lugweyne