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Could Colonel Caare’s Defection As A Rebel Be A. Cluster Bomb That Will Crush Somaliland?

Guess If  Colonel Caare’s Defection As A Rebel Could Be A Cluster Bomb That Will Crush Somaliland!
A wesstern journalist once asked a bunch of scared passengers stranded in an airport depature terminal “How does opaque fog imobilise aircraft and blind night permit perfect airline service?”
“Electricity,'” replied one passenger.
“Lights are available in both situations,” the journalist said sarcastically.
The passengers nodded surprisingly.
“Why does fog defeat electricity? I am serious, said the journalist with a frown.”
“Sciennce must have an answer,” replied one passenger.
Today the most interesting question is: Can Colonel Caare be either the fog that will make  Somaliland people unable to see one another or the cluster bomb that will completely crush Somaliland?
History appears to answer this provocative question with a heretical yes.
The exemplary instance is what happened to Siyad Barre regime and to all Somalis as a whole when SNM forces ran over what was previously known as North Somalia in 1987, thanks to remember the era of robber barons, rampant corruption, callousness, covetousness, clannish rule, cronyism and covert operations of arbitrary arrests.
A rebel is someone who opposes and takes arms overtly against the ruling behavior of an established government. So it is not a surprise if many people think that rebellions are bad simply because most people don’t know that the thing that causes the rebellion is worse than the rebellion.
Rebellions don’t just appear all of a sudden. A rebel won’t appear unless there are  grievances, complaints, denials, disatisfaction, and dirty games that compel one to become a rebel.
Colonel Caare didn’t become a rebel just for fun. How he turned to be a rebel was not easy.
Colonel Caare became a rebel when Kulmiye’s ruling behavior that is basrd on nepotism, favouritism, corruption, cronyizim and clannism  pushed his tribe over the edge.
Colonel Caare rose against ignominy, against injustice, against inequality, against immorality, against clannish rule, against corruption, against faction and greed, against abuse of power, against imbalance of power sharing, against unequal distribution of national resources
For this, Colonel Caare has, in fact, taken a conventional idea, a step forward much like that of an overt statesmanship.  He honors the rule of law by insisting on good law and rejecting bad law.
The most valuable gift a citizen could ever offer to his country is the will of loyalty and the power of directing his thoughts and efforts towards national interest. Colonel Caare has made himself and his efforts engage in saving Somaliland from falling apart.
Anybody intelligent enough to realize what Somaliland is, is not going to sit around and do nothing about it. The country is passing through tight circumstances that are no longer tolerable and endurable. The back bone, the central pillar and the powerful force  that holds up Somaliland and holds it together is Isaaq clan and if this force, this back bone gets broken, Somaliland country will be history.
We are not in denial of the reality that Somaliland’s back bone has already been injuried by Kulmiye party. We are not in denial of the truth that Kulmiye party was the party that divided the people into tribal lines, betrayed the nation by stealing public property, and destroyed the fundamental principles of government system.
Colonel Caare’s defection from Somaliland as a leader of a rebellion is not just a matter of negotiating about his acquital with Muse Biixi and his afministration. Nor it is a problem that ought to be solved milutarily. The solution to Caare’s rebelling stand lies in how Muse Biixi reacts and responds positively to Gacan Libaax mountain communique.
The reaction and response to GacanLibaax commmunique is simple. It is not a rocket science. It is just a correction of what went wrong that needs just the courage to do.
Muse Biixi must build a safe haven in his frame of mind before the essence of Somaliland’s being evaporates and the keystones of our nationhood identity and structure disintegrate.
By:Jama Falaag
      Hargeisa, Somaliland