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Don’t fall for Muse Bihi’s latest whataboutism …… Free market under attack in Somaliland

Bread and circuses contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire and history may be repeating itself. But in somaliland it’s circus without bread like fall of Bastille during French revolution and history may be repeating itself. The daily circus-like antics of Mr . Muse Bihi and bread we are constantly fed when he repeatedly sends out fake individuals like con man Mr. Mohamed Ali Warrande who puts blame other entities such as Garhajis nation conference to keep us distracted and submissive while the destruction takes place. We are told we must give him a chance, accept what has happened and move on. That does not mean we should simply keep quiet.

Mr. Muse Bihi regime declares  nationalization of Berbera oil terminal this is his second circus act after his failed fake nationalism of waging two civil wars in Sanaag and in Sool regions respectively most people were happy about this wiedergutmachungsschnitzel as Germans say while ignoring the real  objectives of  this nationalization  which are  to increase the prosperity and the  wealth of kulmiye elite , it’s the worse kept secret that cash flow from Berbera port to presidential palace  decreased dramatically because  of DP world to compensate those lost incomes Berbera oil terminal should be nationalized . Nationalized businesses exist to serve those with political power. Nationalized businesses are inherently corrupt. We all know privatization is not always the right answer but nationalization is always the wrong answer.

 Colonel Muuse Bihi Abdi After consulting his two cousins which are Hargeisa’s airport manager Mr. Mohamed Abdi Rodal and assistant interior minister Mohamed Muse Diiriye ( call it cronyism as it is best ) decided to nationalize SRM  private security  company in charge of  Hargeisa Egal Airport  security.“Given SRM private security company data, it’s clear that the private firm security system is superlative to the government in every regard. And don’t get me wrong, I usually love government takeovers  if it has added value  but when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. Just think about it; if any firm in the private sector failed 35% of tests, they would be out of business ” – said Mr. Ibrahim Mahdi Buba senior Somaliland Parliamentarian.

Mr. Buba continued his arguments “the private system is doing a better job even in the case of Berbera oil terminal. We can trust private contractors for airport security, especially if they are more vigilant and demand less of taxpayers. The ministry of interior will put in place a large bureaucratic system that is less accountable, less effective, and has less pressure placed on it to succeed. As hard as it is for me to admit this, we need to let the free market produce the best security and businesses , so please Mr. President don’t put the security and safety of Hargeisa Egal airport in danger “. …….. In this case we add the World Bank and IMF to think twice to lend any money a country that is nationalizing everything maybe  sun light included.

Those of us who did not vote for Mr. Muse Bihi tend to be rational, thinking, logical people who believe almighty Allah, justice will prevail.  that is true, but it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. More than 100 years ago, Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote, “To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men. The human race has climbed on protest. You know Suldan Mohamed Muse Cune as peace activist Suldan is unlawfully arrested in Burao at main Mosque while praying calmly after ending his fasting day and transferred to Hargeisa three months ago those of you who are in London we urge you to stage  a demonstration  at Amnesty International office in London in the next two weeks , We the people must  show some character it is badly needed . We owe it to ourselves and to our children as well as the country and the greater good to speak out when we see injustice and abuse of power . Otherwise we will end up like President Abdi Mohamed Omar surrounded himself his sub-clan reer Abdille to benefit all resources of DDSI while creating Liyu police to silence and kill other citizens of DDSI. In Somaliland now we have reer Abdille if we don’t protest loudly RRU will be evolved to Liyu police and it will be all Déjà vu.

Ahmed Jigga