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Dr. Michael Walls






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Dear Sir ;




We are writing to you to express our strongest condemnation and protest against the charges you leveled against Garhajis nation and their Ga’anLibaah conference accusing them producing Badigoob documentary program.


Before we go any further let us inform you that Garhajis nation conference at Ga’anLibaah was about…..We  Somalilanders must rapidly come up with solutions to our problems such as power sharing , international assistance distribution,  crime , civil wars , education , unemployment, poverty, healthcare as they are all vital in the development of our country and our position in the international arena . Furthermore we want to see our country flourish and not diminish with corrupt politicians becoming heads of government , hiring you Sir , Dr. Walls  for example as a head of special interest group who represents himself as devil’s lawyer to defend corrupted individuals of The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) as here was the case .


Garhajis nation conference at Ga’anLibaah was about to see our justice system is fair to all, but for this to happen we must first put without a doubt in our minds the right persons in place to run our judiciary system and not running it down the drain. We want to see individuals with the right mind set who are willing and able to get the job done exactly how it should be done.


Garhajis nation conference at Ga’anLibah was about dealing with normal individuals in suits and ties who seemingly are above the law and above the people of this country. We must open our eyes and stop being fooled by colonel Muse Bihi and his partner in crime chairman Faysal Ali Warabe who during the night have video conferences with President Farmajo and in the day time insulting President Farmajo to mislead innocent Somaliland people also starting silly wars as the one in Tukaraq / EelAfweyn civil wars after that they state Garhajis nation is unionist who wants to unite with Somalia.

We must analyse the economy and heads of government and see if both these principles are moving in an upward mobility or downward mobility or if they are moving opposite of each other. The ideal outcome is that the economy is lifted.


Ga’anLibah conference asked Somaliland citizens we must stop government officials in their destiny to becoming rich through government. We need to carefully seek to place right individuals with the right mind set and qualifications to run this country in the direction that is beneficial to the greater population rather than focusing on personal gains or being selected from one clan as the case is now. We need to focus on true development of our country and not be fooled by the lackadaisical work being done by the individuals we ourselves put in power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and if we fail to plan then consequently we plan to fail.


Whether educated or not in Somaliland we must fight for the upliftment of our country in ways unheard of and unprecedented. We must analyse all that is happening in our country as we hold the key to our rise in glory or our fall in utter despair.


Dr. Michael Walls , Sir , as you see above Ga’anLibah conference agenda was not pity partisan politics it was common good of Somaliland / Somalia and horn of Africa , therefore the conference  had nothing to do with Badigoob documentary program who accused you conflict of interest and your answer was utterly failure  as that conference had nothing to do with the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) , Ga’anlibah conference were citizens excising their fundamental rights, particularly freedom of speech and expression .

Dr. Walls as you spoke as Kulmiye party spokesperson it is our hope that you will reconsider and rectify the damage by issuing an apology to Garhajis nation publishing it Somaliland local websites .


FYI   Somaliland is made up of clans it is a clan society but tribalism in Somaliland is new it  started with Kulmiye party late example is during the election campaign of 1917 Kulmiye party accused Garhajis nation are unionist they want to unite with Somalia  , its well documented  and we can share  with you if you want .

 Here is translated video then Minister of finance Zamzam Abdi  Aden initiating second wave of tribalism in Somaliland election .



Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Garhajis Conference at Ga’an Libah in Somaliland