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The friendship based on tribalism and hatred based on tribalism are both immortal acts

What we experience on our daily lives becomes part of our history and to understand moral knowledge; we first need to understand the difference between the right and wrong. Comparison based on honesty is the best way to judge the right and the wrong and what is wrong or right depend on specific situation someone has experienced. Right or wrong action cannot be viewed in isolation. It depends on circumstances and underlying purpose. Doing something wrong over a period of time, becomes attitude and part of personal behaviour. Right means following acceptable set of rules and regulations.


Making your relationship with others based on tribalism is an immoral act and equally hating others simply on tribalism basis is another immoral act. Right remain right even if majority disagree and wrong remain wrong even if majority have the same opinion. Morality is a human invention and is applicable only to humans and guided set of rules aimed at making humans more civilised. Morals are the principles we follow that help us know the difference between right and wrong. When someone is immoral, he violates moral agreement which mean he doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong. From the first day I have learned from someone, the guy displease me  which mean the guy commits something not acceptable to standard behavior for common person which a person with good heart.


Unfortunately, many people see right and wrong differently when it come situation. What made me to write this article is, I have someone that, the wrong is always appear good for him and the contrary is true for him. The guy I mean have friendship with the most criminal person on earth, the most harmful person on earth, the most dangerous person on earth, the most hypocrite person on earth, the guy who harmed every person of his close relationship including his own parents, the guy who made tens of poor voiceless people who cannot defend themselves, the guy his harm has no limitation, the guy who never good to anyone during his entire life, the guy who never thought other than his pocket wallet, the guy stealing is noble act for him, the guy lying is pleasure for him, the guy short of trust, the guy who exists to harm his own close relatives, the guy who though helping anyone including his own parents, the guy our Islamic values has no meaning for him. Despite above, the guy hates a noble person that did made him any harm.

We should not hate others simply on tribalism basis as hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. Hatred makes us all ugly; Hatred is madness of the heart. Hatred pollutes the mind and has no place in every country. Hatred is a feeling which leads the destruction of values. Hate hurts the hater more than the hated. without elaboration, the guy I mean hates a Friend of mine simply on tribalism and established the most criminal person on earth on tribalism basis. As human being, we must do noble acts in short life which means we should contribute support to underprivileged portions of our society and not contrary.


Our friendship with others should be based on our Islamic values and not contrary like the one that made to write this article. Being unequal, we should not compromise the right and the wrong like what I have experienced from the guy. We should not compromise when it comes to moral. There is border line between right and wrong, but according these two guys situation is much different as the right and wrong remain same for them. Right and wrong are not relative terms, there are fundamental truths, Evil flourishes, but good men continue to battle it and win, Mike Gallagher. It is better to lose the friendship of bad person like the above one than to continue the friendship of bad person. When someone harm others or do wrong to others, there is moral responsibility to react, but this is not true for the one that influenced to write this article. Morality should speak louder than immorality in any situation, but this is not the case for the two guys that I intend. Friendship based to harm people is destructive to society and as a result, we should avoid making friendship with bad even if that person is the most closet one to you with regard blood. The bottom line is, we cannot convert in pure to purity which mean we cannot influence bad people to become good like the two above guys as personal habit have always the upper influence.



Ismail Lugweyne