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The Awdal and Sahil Regions had a huge proble with the Cyclone stormand wind

A week ago, the Awdal and Sahil Regions had a huge problem with the Cyclone storm and wind. I watched the media and I saw many people in both regions’ lives effected. As we know Hurricanes are massive storm systems that start over the water and go towards land, mainly in the region of Awdal Coast. Storm threats included high winds, heavy rainfall coastal and mountains flooding, heavy currents in many areas in Awdal Region.
This problem is not common and local people did not expect this to happen, but it’s happened and many areas were destroyed badly including livestock, buildings, farms, etc.
Cyclone storm was by no means an ordinary hurricane. After a short amount of time that few foresaw, the storm hit above regions, and the storm devastated many areas with chaos and destruction. It caused many deaths and injuries, and many people who were living in inundation zones were forced to evacuate.

Moreover, the storm caused numerous homes to be lost, as well as loss of power/electricity, local hospitals, education, and transportation; it will take millions of dollars and much time to repair the extensive damage it’s an immediate necessity. This catastrophic tragedy is important to study and remember because it left many people in poor living conditions and economically damaged many areas, which was extensive and long-lasting. The importance of natural disasters and the impact of their devastating events that Somaliland society needs to remember will remind people that destruction is very real, and we as a society need to stand together and not easily forget the importance of helping others who suffer under these unavoidable conditions.

The effects of physical damage to buildings were incredibly bad. The underground roads were filled with rocks and water after the flood. Many buildings were damaged, particularly Lughaya (City of Hope) and some did collapse. According to “Somaliland media.”

The effects of the storm on the people of Awdal was dreadful. This tragic event caused a reported “37” deaths and the majority of them occurred in Lughaya District. As I have mentioned, the homes that families had tended to over generations were destroyed, and many other people lost their properties. The power outage affected the functioning of transportation and telecommunications, among other crucial functions.
The effects of this tragedy on the environment and economy caused Awdal Region to lose millions of dollars.

However, I believe this it’s time to build unity with a future plan in order to protect our people. The Somaliland government particularly Somaliland President and vice president did a great job! They both visited the tragic areas and met local communities. Mr. President and Mr. Vice President you have to make a national plan for natural disasters in order to minimize the risk for our people in the future. Many organizations including Amoud foundation responded to this catastrophic event and many local people played a tremendous role to help.
Ali A. Hori, M.Ed.
San Diego, CA.